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Do I need to hire a lawyer after a car accident?

Everyone has the right to represent themself after a Car Accident or other personal injury. This is called proceeding ‘Pro Se which is Latin meaning “for oneself”. At first self representation may seem attractive because without a personal injury lawyer you will have zero Attorney Fees. This perceived savings, like most other discounts, likely comes with a trade off: Less compensation. Abraham Lincoln said ‘He who represents himself has a fool for a client.’

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Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Without an experienced injury attorney handling your auto accident case your are unlikely to receive the complete compensation you deserve. This is true regardless of how strong your case may be or how serious your personal injuries impact your life. Liability insurance adjusters and in house attorneys are skilled at their profession. Those representing themselves do not have the same access to information and resources naturally providing the at fault driver with a natural advantage in your personal injury case.

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4 Reasons why you should not handle your own personal injury case:

1. You don’t know what you don’t know. Countless hours searching the internet, attending free consultations and talking with your wisest confidants will not replace experience representing personal injury victims. Obtaining evidence to prove your case, making sure the evidence is admissible at trial and what type of evidence is necessary can change based upon the type of auto accident you were involved in. Simply producing medical records and bills may not be enough to prove your damages and does not necessarily prove the other person caused your injuries.

2. Missing deadlines can eliminate your compensation rights. Tennessee has a one year statute of limitations for personal injury claims and three years for property. Failing to file your lawsuit within the proper windows in the right court and serving proper notice generally will terminate your right to payment. Promises form insurance companies or their adjusters will not extend this timeline. An experienced car wreck lawyer knows how to navigate these initial timelines and the limits established in The Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure (currently 72 rules excluding sub rules).

3. Damages require proper calculation to know how much auto accident injury victims should receive. It’s hard to know whether you are made whole if you can’t calculate the damages adequately. The internet provides damage calculators, but these are not reliable in determining compensation demands. Full compensation or settlement requires an understanding of the types of damages and the proper amount given your situation. An experienced car accident attorney will determine the right of compensation value making sure insurance money is not left on the table.

4. Negotiation is a skill acquired by experience. The overwhelming majority of Tennessee auto accident cases are settled before trial. However, maximizing your settlement requires knowing the process and risks of litigation. Understanding The likelihood winning, the value assessed to similar cases and the coverage of the defendant’s insurance or assets must be weighed at various stages.

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