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Drafting a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Healthcare Directive should be a priority in everyone’s life regardless of your current financial status. Estate Planning Attorney George Angelopoulos will listen to your wishes, explain your options, and execute YOUR Estate Plan. Determine how your property will be divided, who will make difficult decisions when you cannot, what quality of life you will enjoy, and keep your business affairs private.

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estate planning attorney

Franklin Tennessee Estate Planning Attorney George Angelopoulos will prepare your family’s estate documents after a careful examination of your wishes. George’s Attorney fees are reasonable and generally are all-inclusive with a flat rate. Find out more during your free initial consultation.

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If you do die without a will then Tennessee will distribute your assets according to Tennessee’s Intestate Succession laws. Estate Planning Attorney George Angelopoulos will assemble the documentation necessary to accomplish your goals including property distribution, personal representative appointment, and any bequests you desire.


A basic trust includes three parties: The Settlor, Trustee, and  Beneficiary. The trust mechanism separates the asset from the beneficiary and allows the Trustee to make financial decisions based on the powers vested in the Trust agreement. The Settlor provides the assets and directions on trust formation. The beneficiary receives the trust proceeds as detailed in the trust agreement. Franklin Estate Planning Attorney George Angelopoulos will provide the necessary framework to create the trust and explain all the variations available to fit your needs.

Durable Power of Attorney

A Durable Power of Attorney creates an agency relationship between the principle and the agent. The term durable allows the document to be enforceable during the principles period of incapacity or may begin at such time directed in the document. Powers of Attorney are able to vest any powers the principle has unless limited by law. Franklin Tennessee Estate Planning Attorney George Angelopoulos will provide the advice you need to make an informed decision for your family’s succession plan.

Advanced Healthcare Directive

Tennessee authorizes residents to draft their healthcare wishes in advance. This right should not be overlooked because utilization allows your wishes to be fulfilled and removes the stress from family members who may be asked to make difficult life ending decisions. Williamson County Tennessee Estate Planning Attorney George Angelopoulos will discuss your options and etch your wishes to accomplish your estate planning goals.

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