Fees and Costs

Personal Injury Cases are handled on a contingency basis. This means clients do not pay the attorney unless compensation is received. Some attorneys do not advance expenses and require their auto accident or other personal injury clients to obtain litigation loans. George Angelopoulos advances Pre-suit and litigation expenses for you without interest of any kind. FREE Consultations. No hourly billing. No out of pocket expenses are required even though expenses incurred may be substantial.

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Pre-LawSuit Expense Examples

Before litigation, or before a lawsuit is filed, expenses are relatively small.

  • Police Report Costs
  • Medical Records Expenses
  • Expert or Medical Consultation Fees
  • Mileage charges

Litigation Expense Examples

  • Court Costs
  • Private Investigator fees
  • Process Servers
  • Court reporter fees (depositions and hearings)
  • Expert Witness Fees
  • Videographers
  • Medical exhibits and illustrations
  • Mileage charges

Litigation expenses are costly. This known factor must be considered when determining whether to advance your case to trial. Sometimes these fees are recoverable as part of the court proceedings, but this is within the sole discretion of the trial judge. A major factor is whether the amount received at trial is more or less than the highest settlement offer or offer of judgment, if any.

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