Structured Settlements

Structured settlements are financial tools allowing personal injury or accident victims to receive payment over time instead of one lump sum. When you settle your personal injury case an annuity can be purchased which provides guaranteed payments to meet future financial obligations.

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All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis which means George Angelopoulos only get paid if you recover money. George advances all case expenses so you are not out of pocket to pursue justice.

Structured Settlement Benefits

Various benefits of structured settlements should be considered. The purchased annuities create a guaranteed payment for a certain period of time. This steady contractual stream of payments hedges against poor financial decisions, declines in market securities and various forms of financial misfortune that can rapidly consume even the largest settlements.

Contract terms are flexible and beneficiaries select how their money is paid. Receiving some of money immediately and then taking payments over time is a an option that satisfies immediate financial needs while protecting your families financial future. For minors who receive compensation parents can determine specific ages when the money is available somewhat functioning like a trust. You can choose for the payments to be level or increase over time or some combination of all of these. Ultimately injury victims who received compensation choose how and when to receive their money.

Structured settlements have favorable tax benefits that should be discussed in detail with a tax professional.

Structured Settlement Disadvantages

Structured settlements are contracts and remove immediate access to your settlement. Instead, the money will be paid as defined in the structured settlement annuity contract. The rate of return earned with structured settlements may be less than what it could earn if invested in the stock market. Risk is removed as the payout will occur regardless of market conditions.

A very important consideration is the financial condition of the annuity issuer which can become insolvent. George works with financial professionals who fully explain the risks and select only the highest rated organizations to underwrite structured settlements.


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