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Do I need to hire a lawyer after a car accident?

Everyone has the right to represent themself after a Car Accident or other personal injury. This is called proceeding ‘Pro Se which is Latin meaning “for oneself”. At first self representation may seem attractive because without a personal injury lawyer you will have zero Attorney Fees. This perceived savings, like most other discounts, likely comes with a trade off: Less compensation. Abraham Lincoln said ‘He who represents himself has a fool for a client.’

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Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Without an experienced injury attorney handling your auto accident case your are unlikely to receive the complete compensation you deserve. This is true regardless of how strong your case may be or how serious your personal injuries impact your life. Liability insurance adjusters and in house attorneys are skilled at their profession. Those representing themselves do not have the same access to information and resources naturally providing the at fault driver with a natural advantage in your personal injury case.

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4 Reasons why you should not handle your own personal injury case:

1. You don’t know what you don’t know. Countless hours searching the internet, attending free consultations and talking with your wisest confidants will not replace experience representing personal injury victims. Obtaining evidence to prove your case, making sure the evidence is admissible at trial and what type of evidence is necessary can change based upon the type of auto accident you were involved in. Simply producing medical records and bills may not be enough to prove your damages and does not necessarily prove the other person caused your injuries.

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Land Owner Liability: Guest Classifications

Land owners are not insurers of their guest’s safety, but do have a responsibility of maintaining their property in reasonably safe condition. This includes temporary hazards like a wet floor or a snow-covered sidewalk. The landowner’s standard of care (expected behavior) is based upon the legal status of the person visiting the property. Failing to meet the expected behavior may attach liability for personal injuries occurring on the owner’s land. Contact Premises Liability Lawyer George Angelopoulos to explore your options after injuries sustained from a slip and fall, trip, shelf collapse or other personal injury on someone else’s property. Call 615-422-7171, initiate a live chat or complete the Contact Form to schedule a FREE consultation.

Slip and Fall


‘Invitees’ are visitors entering a property for a business purpose, such as customers in a grocery store or guests in a restaurant. Visitors who have a purpose to benefit the landowner are owed the highest duty of care. People or entities opening their property for business purposes must keep their premises free More »

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Rideshare Accidents

We expect Uber, Lyft, and taxi drivers to abide by the laws and drive safely. This reasonable expectation is not always met. Unfortunately as the volume of rideshare passengers and drivers increase the number of rideshare accidents will also rise.

Causes of Rideshare Accidents

Uber, Lyft and other Rideshare service drivers work under significant demands to maximize their profitability and do not always use the safest driving methods to increase their income. Weaving through traffic, speeding, and reckless driving may occur to get customers delivered on time and making the driver available for the next fare. Surge pricing or premium fares during peak times contribute to this behavior.

Rideshare drivers only have a short period of time to accept a new fare before the potential passenger is claimed by another network driver. Uber and Lyft drivers stay active on their mobile devices so they don’t miss an opportunity. These distractions can lead to numerous types of car accidents and missed traffic signals which are in place to keep everyone safe. Tennessee seat belt laws don’t make it mandatory for backseat passengers to buckle up increasing the likelihood of serious passenger personal injuries.

Driving for more excessive lengths of time creates driver fatigue and slower response times to changing traffic conditions. Uber and Lyft don’t give their employees set schedules. The drivers determine how much or little they are active on the transportation network. When higher paychecks are the incentives some drivers will ignore commonsense safety rules. Drowsy driving is a leading cause of all Tennessee car accidents.

Driver sobriety is expected by passengers, but unfortunately sobriety cannot be guaranteed. Uber and Lyft drivers have been arrested under DUI charges on the job, and frequency seems to only increase as more people seek ways to increase their personal income. Generally, Uber and Lyft drivers are not professionals therefore are lacking extensive training further increasing collision rates.

Novice and seasoned rideshare drivers may be easily distracted by passengers in many ways. Questions about landmarks or general location confusion by the rideshare passenger are common for tourists. Uber and Lyft are well know as an alternative to drinking and driving. By this consequence a certain unknown percentage of rideshare passengers are intoxicated therefore may cause driver distractions by their inebriated actions.

Rideshare transportation networks are relatively new. Tennessee took significant steps in crafting laws to clarify the reality of our rideshare insurance problems, but this is only the safety net to insure injuries parties have adequate resources to receive compensation for their damages. If you or a loved one were involved with a rideshare accident call Personal Injury Attorney George Angelopoulos for a free consultation today.

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Insurance Policies: Coverage Summary

Understanding the various insurance policies in play after an auto accident can be overwhelming. Below are summaries of a few of the most common types of coverage.

Liability Insurance

Liability covers the damages and injuries sustained to other parties of an accident if you caused the collision. If you are determined to be at fault, then your liability insurance will cover the legal damages incurred by the other party. Tennessee requires minimum liability coverage in the amounts of:

  • $25,000 per person for each injury per accident
  • $50,000 per accident for all injuries
  • $15,000 per accident for property damage

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

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Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and Run Accidents occur everyday. Automobile accidents are extremely costly: Medical bills, Lost time on the job, and Vehicle property damage all add up quickly. Generally this damage is covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. If you have been injured by an uninsured or unknown at-fault driver contact the Franklin Personal Injury Attorney for your free consultation.

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When you are injured by a hit and run driver and the driver is not able to be identified, then your own car insurance company will bear the financial responsibility. The recovery mechanism depends on whether you live in a fault or no-fault state.

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Digital Distractions: The Dangers of Texting and Driving

Instant text message communication is a part of our daily lives. Roughly nine-in-ten Americans own a cellphone and nearly two-thirds own a smartphone. One of the easiest and most convenient ways of communicating with someone is through text messages, as one can often text in situations where he or she might not be able to talk. Unfortunately, the ease of texting has resulted in the fairly common practice of texting while driving, which can be extremely dangerous.

Why is Texting and Driving So Dangerous?


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are three primary types of distractions that are particularly dangerous when driving. Firstly, there are visual distractions, where you take your eyes off of the road and look at something else. Secondly, there are cognitive distractions, where you stop focusing on the road and let your mind wander elsewhere. Finally, there are manual distractions, where you take your hands off of the road to do something else. Texting while driving illustrates is an extremely dangerous distraction from driving because a driver who texts experiences all three of these types of distractions at once.

What Types of Damages Could I Receive from a Distracted Driving Lawsuit?

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Car Accident Attorney Franklin TN

A common question Franklin Personal Injury Attorney George Angelopoulos receives is, “What to do after a car accident?” Car wrecks make unforgettable sounds and may have a lasting impact after the sheet metal is repaired. A state of instant shock or panic may result and these first valuable moments provide critical evidence to recover what negligent drivers took. Some of the important steps you will hopefully never need are discussed below.

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Car Accident: Breach of Duty

Tort is the body of law governing replacement of damage stripped from victims in Car Accidents and other personal injury cases. A few examples include car wrecks, slip and fall, dog bites, assault or battery. You need a Franklin Personal Injury Lawyer who will hold negligent parties accountable for their actions.

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What is recoverable from a Tennessee Car Accident?

The approach is to replace the damage with dollars. These dollars are awarded in settlement or judgement to be paid by negligent motorists or their insurance companies. In some cases compensation from your own automobile insurer can be obtained. Property, Personal, Economic, Non- Economic, and Emotional among other damages may be due from the party negligently impacting your life. Damages increase rapidly when medical bills, missed work, rental cars, property damage, and in some cases life altering injuries preventing future income and require recurring medical care occur.

If you even have a slight personal injury attempting settlement negotiation alone may be contrary to your best interests because not all recoverable damages may be known at the present time. Insurance companies are quick to settle for the lowest amount possible because money they keep results in profit for their stakeholders. Accident and personal injury attorneys add value in multiple ways. Selecting the right Franklin Personal Injury Lawyer is an important step in car accident litigation or settlement.

The Franklin Car Accident Attorney seeks to add value by offering consultation outside of the traditional working hours. You no longer need to lose additional income after your car accident. George will meet at any greater Nashville location, on weekends, and during evenings. Multiple office locations are available throughout Tennessee including Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood, Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.

The insurance adjuster is a professional negotiator and is armed with legal council. Seeking to obtain the highest dollar amount to compensate for harm caused by negligent third parties is Attorney George Angelopoulos’s only goal. Level the playing field with dedicated and aggressive representation. George accepts Tennessee personal injury cases on a contingent basis.

This is Attorney Advertising and is not legal advice for your situation. Many factors could influence your case. No compensation guarantee is available.

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Comparative Fault

Tennessee personal injury victims should consider their relative fault when seeking accident compensation. Car wrecks, slip or trip, and other injury awards may be reduced when the injured party contributed to the damages. The defendant must be more negligent than the plaintiff to sustain any legal liability. An even split prevents monetary recovery. Tennessee’s modified comparative fault system replaced contributory negligence where a plaintiff who contributed any fault towards his injury was barred from recovery. McIntyre v. Balentine, 833 S.W.2d52.

What does this mean for personal injury victims? It means the claimed negligent party must be more at fault to recover and any liability attached to the plaintiff will reduce his award. Example: Plaintiff sustained $10k in damages, but the jury finds him 20% negligent compared to defendant’s 80%. Barring outside facts plaintiff would recover $8k. Tort liability is still an available remedy and a small amount of negligence will not preclude a claim where the other party was more negligent.

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