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Accidents on motorcycles happens more often than you may realize. If you, or a loved one, were injured in a motorcycle accident then you need a Tennessee Motorcycle Accident Attorney to review your personal injury case. Motorcycle accident injuries can result in substantial and permanent damage. George Angelopoulos is a trusted Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Franklin Tennessee who is ready to handle every detail. Attorney fees are contingent upon winning. Zero cost to start representation.

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George is a Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer who handles everything allowing you to focus on recovery. Motorcycle accident injury cases are accepted state wide. The expense of prosecuting your motorcycle injury case is advanced by George.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

If the motorcycle crash was caused by someone other than the motorcyclist they may recover compensation from the third party causing the accident. Injured motorcycle riders and their passengers are entitled to seek compensation for all legal harms. This includes medical bills, lost wages and general damages like pain and suffering.

Tennessee Motorcycle Helmet Law

Regardless it makes good sense to wear a Motorcycle Helmet. Yes, Tennessee passed a ‘Universal’ Helmet law codified under T.C.A. 55-9-302. In short the law requires motorcycle riders and passengers to wear a helmet conforming to federal regulations. Failure to wear a helmet is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of thirty days in jail, a $50 fine or both. There are certain exceptions to riders and passengers above 21 years of age. In short, TN law requires motorcycle helmets to reduce the severity of motorcycle accident injuries.

Who’s at fault for Motorcycle Accidents?

Some believe motorcyclists bear a portion of fault for their injuries because they were driving a motorcycle when involved in a Tennessee motorcycle accident. This includes jurors who Unfortunately believe the same incorrect information. Motorcycle riders are entitled to protection from all safety laws. Riding a motorcycle alone has no bearing on causation for a motorcycle accident. You need a Franklin Tennessee Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to protect your rights, discover the facts and hold those truly at fault accountable for their actions in causing your motorcycle accident injury.


Motorcycle accident injury recovery (and all auto accident compensation) is determined by personal injury tort law. In Tennessee this requires that your motorcycle accident attorney prove the other involved party caused the collision and your resulting injuries because of a failure to follow a reasonable standard of care. A thorough investigation into the motorcycle accident uncovers the facts necessary to win your motorcycle personal injury case.

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