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Obtaining the medical treatment and compensation injury clients deserve while providing a golden rule approach are priorities. The Nashville Dog Bite Lawyer has a passion for representing personal injury victims because these dog bite attacks should never occur. As your Tennessee dog bite attorney George has the dedication, resources and knowledge to win.

Nashville Dog Bite Lawyer

Tennessee Dog Bite Law: Residential Exception

Tennessee dog bite laws are complex compared to other states. Owners are allotted one liability free dog bite injury if the facts fit within the “residential exception.” T.C.A. 44-8-413(c)(1) which may insulate owners from civil liability under certain conditions: (paraphrase) ‘If the dog bite injury victim is on residential, farm or other noncommercial property and the dog’s owner is the owner or lawfully present on the said property then the injury victim must establish that the dog’s owner knew or should have known of the dog’s dangerous propensities.’ Because most dog bite injuries occur on residential property proving past aggression is required to bind liability on the owner.

Tennessee Dog Bite Law: Strict Liability

Strict liability means the animal owner is held liable for personal injuries created by dog bite injuries regardless of any prior aggressive behavior. This automatic liability can attach when the canine is running at large.This means when a dog or other domestic animal is allowed to run free the owner is regardless for dog bite injuries regardless of the knowledge of prior animal aggression.

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Nashville TN Dog Bite Attorney Injury Statistics

Nearly 40% of Tennessee homes own at least one domestic animal. Over 12,000 dog bites occur in the United States each day totaling over 4.5 million animal injuries yearly. Nearly half of these dog bite victims are children and one in five bites require urgent injury treatment. Unfortunately, you likely know someone who experienced a first hand Dog Bite incident.

 Dog Bite Injuries are often sustained by children. The child dog bite injury attorney in Nashville knows we need to plan for the future. Injury specialists and financial professionals are ready to give expert opinions about the full impact of permanent scars. Vicious animal attacks may result in maiming, punctures, tears, stitches, scars, and other personal injuries.

 Do I need a Nashville Dog Bite Injury Lawyer?

Retain George as your the Nashville Dog Bite Injury Lawyer if you want to seek maximum compensation. In many cases fair dog bite personal injury compensation requires an economic valuation into cosmetic appearance and projections on future medical procedures. Home and renters insurance liability limits are many times in excess of $300,000. Retaining George as your personal injury attorney puts you in position obtain the maximum compensation allowed by law.

The Nashville dog bite lawyer fee is one third of the gross compensation received in most Tennessee Dog Bite Injury Cases. This fee is customary among personal injury lawyers in Tennessee. No legal fees are due until compensation is received.

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