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Prefer to text instead of call – No Problem. Want to meet after hours or on weekends – Yes. Ready for a trusted, diligent and modern lawyer in your corner – Then George is your Personal Injury Attorney in Franklin TN. Priorities are obtaining the medical care and payment everyone deserves with no communication barriers. George Angelopoulos is a dedicated Personal Injury Attorney residing in the same Williamson County community he serves. Accident case reviews are FREE. Attorney fees are not due until clients are paid. Legal expenses are advanced.

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At first, some accident injuries may seem simple to handle without a personal injury attorney. The insurance adjuster says they will ‘make it right’ and just needs information to process your claim. Next calls are ignored, medical bills arrive and the treatment you need is blocked by red tape. As your accident lawyer George provides the effort, knowledge, dedication, time and resources to get what you deserve. No one can turn back the hands of time, but retaining George as your Franklin TN Personal Injury Lawyer is the first step to obtaining justice.

Types of Personal Injury Cases:

Car Accidents Truck Wrecks Dog Bites Wrongful Death Products Liability Slip & Fall Motorcycle Crash Pedestrian Injuries

What is the fee?

Most accident and injury cases are accepted with one third contingency fee. Attorney fees are not due unless you win.

Do you need a personal injury attorney?

Time, knowledge and execution are required to pursue accident claims properly. Do you know the Rules of Evidence? Are you versed in various types of insurance subrogation? Do you know which government agencies require notice of your injury? If you were not hurt, have the time and can answer these questions (and many more) then maybe not. For everyone else – Yes. Personal Injury Attorney consultations are free and start with a free text or call. George will quickly let you know if you have a case.

What should I do next?

Complete the contact form or call (615) 422-7171 for the first step towards resolution.

Tennessee has a short one year Statute of Limitations for most personal injury claims. Failure to act promptly can bar your truck accident, car wreck, dog bite injury or other accident claim forever. Many cannot or do not pursue Tennessee claims properly. Why leave insurance money on the table? Let George do all the work while you focus on what is important: Recovery.

This is Personal Injury Attorney Advertising and is not legal advice. Settlement or compensation cannot be guaranteed by any Lawyer.