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After a Tennessee tractor trailer accident injury, you deserve a proven Franklin Truck Accident Attorney on your side. Tennessee truck accident lawyer George Angelopoulos is ready to win your personal injury case. Navigating federal regulations to obtain critical evidence supporting your personal injury case requires knowledge, skill and dedication. The I-65 corridor passes through Franklin, TN Williamson County bringing these tragic truck accident injuries close to home. We see tractor trailer accidents on social media, newspapers, TV and during our commutes too often. Free consultation and Expenses are advanced by George.

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Franklin Truck Accident Attorney

Middle Tennessee has multiple interstates full of Tractor Trailers clogging our already busy roadways. Commercial motor vehicles can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds and their large size creates big blind spots. Safely stopping these massive tractor trailers is difficult when traffic conditions abruptly change. These factors may contribute to truck accidents especially when negligence occurs.

Big Truck Safety Regulations

These semi trucks, tractor trailers and commercial vans are heavier than automobiles. Laws regulating truck driver rest, cargo contents, mileage and maintenance are in place to protect the public from the substantial harm negligent truck operation creates. Violations of these specific safety statutes assist in determining if the standard of care was breached. Violations constitute Negligence Per Se providing benefits in litigation. In addition to the safetly laws regulatory laws control the insurance limits. As you would expect they are substantially higher than personal vehicles primarily because of the severity of harm anticipated when a truck accident occurs. Federal Motor Carrier insurance liability minimums are between $1.0 and $5.0 Million.

Causes of Tennessee Truck Accidents

Overloaded trucks

CDL operator fatigue

Improperly maintained trucks

Unsecured truck loads

Drunk driving – Texting while driving

Improper or inadequate truck driving training

Truck driver negligence

Truck Accident Injuries

Big truck accident injuries require special handling because Truck Wrecks usually result in more serious personal injuries. With more serious injuries and highly complex legal questions you need George to protect your interest sooner rather than later. The call is free and the personal injury attorney only receives a fee when truck accident victims or their families, in the event of a truck wreck fatality, are compensated.

This is Franklin Truck Accident Attorney Advertising and is not legal advice. Many factors influence truck wreck cases. Personal injury compensation is not guaranteed.