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The Tennessee Dept. of Safety reported 1,036 car accident fatalities and 51,118 serious personal injuries in 2016 because of auto accidents*. The Franklin Car Accident Lawyer knows these collisions are caused by texting and driving, drunk driving or otherwise negligent vehicle operation. TN law protects drivers and passengers who sustain car accident personal injuries. George Angelopoulos is the Franklin Tennessee Car Accident Attorney ready to obtain the medical care and compensation everyone deserves. The FREE consultation begins with a phone call. All personal injury clients are offered a personal text message number for their case. Expenses are advanced. Attorney fess are only due after clients are paid. Get started now by calling (615) 422 – 7171 OR initiating a live chat.

Franklin Car Accident Lawyer

Franklin Car Accident Lawyer Suggestions to increase injury settlements

These four easy steps will help increase car accident settlements:

  1. Get a medical evaluation – Linking your car accident personal injury to the collision minimizes an insurance defense. When injuries manifest days or weeks after the car wreck your legal position is generally better when an emergency medical exam was obtained. Let doctors determine your injuries, not insurance adjusters.
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words – Take photos of all car wreck property damage, obvious external injuries, skid marks, weather conditions and traffic signals (especially if malfunctioning or missing). Proving to jurors what happened is more effective with pictures.
  3. Obtain witness information – Favorable witness statements can substantially increase car accident settlements. Memories fade and stories change. Locking in testimony is a strong bargaining chip during negotiations.
  4. Obtain the police report – Officers document their observations at the collision scene. Vehicle crash reports provide information that may be crucial to the outcome of your claim.

Williamson County Drunk Driving Accident

You need George as your Williamson County Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer when the other driver was charged with a DUI at the collision scene. Typically intoxicated drivers operate their vehicles at higher rates of speed therefore result in more substantial personal injuries. Those who choose to drink and drive causing wrecks are subject to punitive damages in Tennessee. These additional damages are designed to detour reckless driving and are available remedies for Tennessee drunk driving accident victims. This means significantly more compensation may be available and insurance companies will try to settle your claim quickly. Contact the car accident attorney immediately.

Franklin Car Accident Lawyer First Steps

Franklin Car accident clients have all property damage issues handled. If needed, medical specialist referrals are provided. An investigation is immediate. Next all available insurance policies are identified, notified and coordinated to maximize benefits. When car accident clients obtain maximum medical improvement the at fault party will have an opportunity to pay a fair settlement (this occurs in most cases without a court appearance). Should we be unable to compromise The Franklin Tennessee Car Accident Attorney will file a civil complaint moving your case towards a Tennessee jury.

Franklin TN Car accident attorneys know time, knowledge and dedication are required to win. Make the FREE call and quickly you will realize the value of working with a modern car accident lawyer. Clients interact with the Franklin Auto Accident Lawyer, not a legal assistant or paralegal. The internet provides significant information about every field including the law, but most explanations are a one size fits all answer. Every case, like every person, is unique.

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This is Franklin Car Accident Lawyer Advertising and is not legal advice. Many factors could influence your auto accident personal injury case. Compensation is not guaranteed.