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Searching for an Car Accident Lawyer is the first step towards justice. You are not alone. The Tennessee Dept. of Safety reports 1,036 car accident fatalities and 51,118 serious personal injuries in 2016 because of vehicle wrecks. George Angelopoulos is a trusted car accident Attorney in Franklin TN ready to handle your personal injury case. No fee is calculated on Vehicle total loss or repair payments.

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Franklin Car Accident Lawyer

The Franklin Car Accident Attorney knows these collisions are caused by texting and driving, drunk driving or otherwise negligent vehicle operation. Tennessee personal injury laws protect drivers and passengers who sustain auto accident injuries. George is ready to guide you towards justice. No Attorney fees due until winning your personal injury case.

Franklin Car Accident Lawyer Process

Car accident clients have all property damage issues handled ASAP. No attorney fee is calculated on property total loss or repair claims. All insurance communication occurs through George’s law office in Franklin, TN removing the stress of dealing with numerous interested parties. An investigation is immediate. If needed, medical specialist referrals are provided. All insurance policies are identified and coordinated to maximize benefits. When car accident clients obtain maximum medical improvement the at fault party will have an opportunity to pay a fair settlement (this occurs in most cases without a court appearance). Should we be unable to compromise The Franklin Car Accident Attorney will file a civil lawsuit moving your case towards a Tennessee jury.

Pedestrian Accidents

Some Tennessee drivers do not provide runners, joggers and walkers sufficient safe on the roadway. Further, pedestrians may be distracted and enter the roadway at unsafe times. Car on vehicle accidents may result in fatal or life altering consequences.

Taxi, Lyft or Uber Accidents

Uber, Lyft and the traditional taxi cab are all examples of drivers earning their living on the road. When earning fares speeding or careless driving can occur. Passengers and drivers in their own vehicle involved in these auto accidents can recover compensation.

Rear End Accident

Many drivers do not allow a safe distance between vehicles ahead sometimes known as tailgating. Efficiently and promptly investigating the accident scene will provide valuable evidence to support whether the vehicle behind was following to closely causing your rear end accident.

T-Bone Car Crash

Side impact wrecks have a high probability of severe passenger injury due to the nature of the vehicle collision. Violations of the laws which are put in place to protect everyone are many times the causation of the accident.

Failure To Yield Right Of Way

Tennessee drivers have a legal duty to yield the right of way in many instances. Stop Signs, Crosswalks, Yield signs and entering the roadway are common examples. Failure to yield to pedestrians, other vehicles and motorcycles can lead to serious personal injuries.

Hit & Run Car Accidents

Not knowing who caused a motor vehicle collision adds a higher level of complexity to an already difficult process. Locating the at fault driver, proving the accident was caused by the third party and meeting the Tennessee requirements to recover under your own Uninsured Motorist policy all need immediate attention.

Head On Vehicle Collisions

The force created when two vehicles collide head on is extreme. This force is transferred to the vehicle occupants creating an extremely high probability of sever passenger injury. Generally violations of traffic laws occur in these types of crashes.

Uninsured Driver Wrecks

It’s a fact that every driver does not carry insurance and those who meet Tennessee financial responsibility law may not have the coverage required to fully compensate car accident victims. Franklin car accident lawyer George Angelopoulos obtains results through the contract provisions in play when a third party cannot make injured parties whole.

Distracted Drivers

Texting and driving, eating, drinking, controlling the GPS or any other distraction that removes a drivers full attention from the road can cause auto accidents. During the pre-litigation investigation and discovery pursuant to the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure provide the necessary mechanism to uncover the true reason auto accident injuries occur.

Rollover Auto Accidents

Personal injury risk increases when vehicles roll over during a motor vehicle collision. Occupants may be ejected or injuries exacerbated by flying objects inside the vehicle in addition to the damage caused by the initial impact.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Alcohol and drugs cause reduced reaction times, create drowsiness, blurred vision and poor judgment. Impacting the ability to safely operate motor vehicles is dangerous and many times is the cause of auto accidents. Punitive damages may be awarded and your case needs experienced car accident lawyer George Angelopoulos on your side.

Emergency Vehicle Auto Accidents

Operators of Firetrucks, ambulances and police cars are skillfully trained. However, they are people and people do not always take necessary precautions. Specific facts are necessary to recover in these scenarios and you need an experienced auto accident lawyer in your corner.

Intersection Car Wrecks

Most auto accidents occur at intersections. This makes sense because at intersections drivers are faced with multiple variables: other drivers, traffic control lights, stop signs or cross walks. Contact Franklin car accident lawyer George Angelopoulos to discuss your case today.

Car Accident Lawyer Benefits

The Franklin car accident attorney knows time, knowledge and dedication are required to win. Make the FREE call and quickly determine how much value is available. Personal Injury auto accident clients interact with George, not assistants. The internet provides significant information about every field including the law, but most explanations are a one size fits all answer. Every case, like every person, is unique.

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