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How to Drive Around a Roundabout

Roundabouts are low speed traffic control devices. They are increasingly common throughout Tennessee located on busy thoroughfares and neighborhoods. Studies show these circular intersections decrease car accidents and traffic congestion. That is great news, but many drivers still do not know how to safely navigate a roundabout. The resulting fear from a first experience can cause roundabout car accidents.Traffic Circle

Approaching & Entering Roundabouts

When approaching a roundabout stay in your lane. The roundabout center is called ‘The Island’ and may be grass, concrete or yellow pavement with directional arrows for traffic control. The island’s purpose is to

direct traffic counter-clockwise. Before entering, yield to vehicles already in the roundabout circle. Standard right of way defensive driving procedures are encouraged. Observe traffic control arrows and other vehicles. Once a safe gap in oncoming traffic is available enter the roundabout. Do not stop unless directed to do so by a stop sign, signals, police officer or to avoid an accident. Maintain a slow speed until exiting the circle first indicating your exit with your right turn signal. Do not change lanes unless you are avoiding a collision. If your exit is missed continue around the circle again to depart to your intended street. Watch for pedestrians in or approaching any crosswalks upon your departure.

Roundabout Right of Way

In Tennessee the person who is already in the traffic circle has the right of way. All other drivers must stop and wait before pulling into a roundabout. Drivers who attempt to cut ahead causing an auto accident are likely liable for the accident and any resulting property damage or personal injuries. Establishing the right of way is key in determining fault and legal liability after any car accident. Contact an experienced car accident lawyer to determine your rights after a roundabout auto accident.


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