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Wanting to know how much compensation to expect early during representation is common. If you are visiting multiple accident attorneys please know that a case valuation attempt after a single conversation is only a guess. Future medical treatment, therapies, surgeries and resulting impairments are usually unknown in the early stages of injury recovery. Before tabulating the damages George Angelopoulos focus on obtaining the medical treatment clients need to recover.

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Determining Liability

To understand a valuation requires experience and understanding of who (or what entity) may be liable for monetary damages. What must be done to determine whether anyone can be held liable depends on the type of personal injury case. Without a defendant who can be held legally liable for your injuries then no compensation may be available. Also, your personal injury lawyer must evaluate your damages against the available pool for recovery. Insurance policies, assets, future earnings, property and other assets may be utilized to fund judgments. Every citizen of Tennessee is entitled to an exemption for the first $10,000 of their assets and other personal property which cannot be utilized as a compensation pool.

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Determining Damages

Personal Injuries, like people, are unique. Pre-existing medical conditions can make it difficult for medical doctors to determine what injuries where caused by the accident and what was pre-existing. Severity, medical bills, lost wages, impairment and future medical expenses are usually unknown at the free consultation. Until all all medical treatment is complete it is not possible to evaluate the value of your personal injury case.

Any lawyer who explains what the valuation of your personal injury claim over the phone, email or even at the initial consultation should have their advice considered with a jaundiced eye. All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis which means George only get paid if you recover money. George advances all case expenses so you are not out of pocket to pursue justice.

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