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Tennessee law protects patrons who are injured when businesses create or are aware of a dangerous conditions causing harm. Franklin Premises Liability Attorney George Angelopoulos is a Tennessee slip and fall lawyer ready to help. Premises liability accidents may lead to substantial medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering. Accidents happen in many ways: Slip and fall, shelf collapses, inadequate lighting, improper cleanup and many other ways. No upfront costs and attorney fees are only due after winning.

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Slip and Fall Injuries

Business and land owners are responsible for hazards on their premise. This includes obvious and hidden perils. When a dangerous condition is obvious and the owner should have known of the issue then the owner can be accountable for any injury that occurs. This includes temporary issues like a wet floor or icy walkway.

Personal Injury actions can also arise from improper security measures. The owner may be held liable in certain situations when a third-party criminal act injures a patron.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall

Injuries do not automatically result in liability after a Slip and Fall. To protect your rights follow these suggestions:

Seek a medical evaluation. Your health following any personal injury is priority. Keep copies of all medical records and bills. Should you file a premises liability claim this will assist in proving your legal damages.

Report your injury. The manger or person in charge should complete an internal accident report. Make the request and obtain a copy before leaving the accident scene when possible.

Take Pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s not always possible given your injuries, but asking a bystander is a decent secondary option. Documenting details including time, day, conditions, witnesses or other observations are helpful.

Contact Witnesses. Having your story validating by a third party is valuable. Your personal injury attorney may use witness testimony to prove your case.

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